More respite likely on weekend with thunderstorm, rain

New Delhi: A spell of rain on Wednesday morning brought down temperatures in the capital by around 4 to 5 degrees Celsius and Met officials say more respite is likely as one or two spells of rain and thunderstorm activity expected over the weekend.The maximum temperature on Thursday was around 40.2 degrees Celsius, hovering in the normal range for the season. The city saw mercury touching 45 degrees Celsius in places on Monday. The minimum temperature on Thursday was reported to be 27.1 degrees Celsius. The Regional Weather Forecasting Centre in Delhi forecasts maximum and minimum temperature to stay in a similar range on Friday, with the possibility of thundery development. However, more rainfall activity is forecast for the weekend with gusty winds and thunder squall likely to occur over the national capital region on the night of May 20.There will be partly cloudy sky with possibility of development of thunder and lightning on Friday. The maximum and minimum temperatures will be around 41 and 27 degrees Celsius. After that, one or two spells of rain/thunderstorm accompanied by gusty winds and thunder squall are likely to take place from the night of May 20 to May 22 evening with peak weather activity occurring on Sunday, said an official.tnn