Jaipur man arrested for killing wife, mother in cold blood

JAIPUR: After a prolonged annoyance and anger against his mother for providing not a suitable wife a 32-year old man killed his mother and wife in his New Khandelwal colony situated house under Kho Nagorian area in the city. The man first killed the wife during early hours on Thursday and later killed his mother in the morning while his father went for morning walk. Based on the incriminating evidences against the accused the man was arrested after almost 8 hours by the police on the charges of killing his wife and mother.According to the police, the accused identified as Vicky himself called up police control room and told them that his mother identified as Nathi Devi (67) and his wife Santosh(32) were brutally murdered. A team of police rushed to the spot along with the officials of the forensic science laboratory (FSL).Since there was no trespass into the house it was clear that killer was in the house itself. Based on suspicion on the accused Vicky we came to know that his cloths were blood stained and there was also blood in his nails. We were clear that he is the one we were looking for. After things like funeral and other post death rituals were over we invited him for questioning. Since we had clear evidence that at 5.30 am his father had gone out of the house and except the deceased and him there was nobody in the house, after our stern questioning he confessed his crime, said Kunwar Rastradeep, deputy commissioner of police(East) on Thursday.Quoting the statements of the accused during interrogation, Rastradeep said, He said that some 13 years ago when he got engaged with the woman Santosh (who became his wife) he was not happy. According to him she was not suitable. After both got married in 2004 against his will he started confronting with his mother on daily basis and in the initially 3 years he had not made physical relations with wife. Gradually physical relations established still he used to remain in fit of anger and blamed his mother for spoiling his life.The atmosphere in the house was bad to an extent that even his father after scuffle with his mother had attempted rape. He was continuously telling his mother and wife that either he will commit suicide or kill them one-day, Rastradeep added.On the murder, Rastradeep said, At 2.30 am on Thursday he went to the room in which his wife was sleeping, strangulated her and stabbed her with a knife used in kitchen. Thereafter he waited for his chance to kill mother. It was a cold blooded mother as he waited till 5.30 am when his father departed for some work. He went to his mothers room strangulated her and stabbed her with sharp-edged weapon in similar manner.Police officials said that the accused Vicky has claimed that he was disturbed with the behaviour of his mother and wife who were regularly into scuffle with him and themselves.