11 Local Residents Still Buried Due to Landslide in Ponorogo, Evacuation Continues

Posted On 01 April 2017 12:30 WIB   JAKARTA - landslide hit back local settlement and caused victims. The heavy rain lasted since Friday night neighborhoods and cause casualties. The rain that lasted from Friday night (31/3) triggered landslide at Banaran Village, Pulung, Ponorogo, Jawa Timur on Saturday (1/4), at 06.00 pm. Materials buried houses and local residents who were harvesting ginger at the ground of the slopes of the hills. Based on BPBD Ponorogo’s report, 11 people are still buried by the landslide. The local authority cannot predict precisely how many people buried under the landslide that come from the local residents trapped in houses and labors when the landslide took place. BPBD Ponorogo together with military, police, volunteers and people is still conducting evacuation. There are victims who survived by running away from the landslide. According to the Head of Banaran Village when the incident took place quickly, the victims in the field had surrounded by avalanche of material and then buried by landslides. Houses affected were about 25-30 units. Heavy equipment is required for evacuation of victims buried by landslides. Access to the disaster site is quite difficult to pass because the small road. Local people from neighborhood villages flocked to watch the landslide that obstructed the traffic and vehicles. Communications with HP and radio communication is not good. Previously there was signs of landslides. BPBD have warned the local residents about potential landslide. At night, they moved temporarily at safer places. But when the local residents returned back home in the morning to work, landslides hitting while there was no rain. Command Post has also been established in Banaran village. This is one of uncertainty of landslide is difficult to predict exactly when a landslide. BNPB keeps monitoring and coordinating with BPBD. Quick Response Team BNPB is on the way to the location. BPBD Jawa Timur is supporting to strengthen and deliver relief aid the local authority. Sutopo Purwo Nugroho Head of Data Information and Public Relations BNPB