SAR Team Evacuated 1 Dead Body, 26 Still Missing at Ponorogo Landslide

Posted On 01 April 2017 17:20 WIB JAKARTA – Search and Rescue Team from Koramil, Polsek Pulung, Tagana, BPBD Ponorogo, Health Agency that is supported by volunteer and local residents are conducting evacuation process in Tangkil Sub-village, Banaran Village, Pulung, Ponorogo, Jawa Timur. Landslide that was caused by heights up to 100 meter collapsed on Saturday (1/4) at 8 am. Joint SAR team found 1 dead victim. It is predicted that 26 people still buried by landslide materials. The landslide material extended from the hill about 800 meters, and a height of about 20 meters. 23 houses are affected by the landslide. Some of the houses are buried and heavily and partially damaged. Chronology of the incident was signed by rumble at around 07.30 am. Some local residents tried to escape to safer places. Afterwards, at 08.00 pm the landslide with rumble occurred and hit 2 RT (neighborhood unit), i.e. RT 02 and RT 03 which consists of 23 houses. The number of local residents is 50 people who are the most of them survived. 17 people are injured and treated at local clinic of Pulung. According to the lcoals and BPBD Ponorogo, there are still about 22 people and 15 labors who harvested ginger plants buried that the landslide. One dead victim was found, and an estimated 26 victims are still missing. A number of livestock belonging to the community is expected to come buried in landslide material. Signs of potential landslide has already been identified by the locals in the last 20 days. Heavy rain triggered cracks in the hills. Based on a hazard map, Banaran village is an area of ​​high potential to the landslide. Due to the signs, the locals moved to safer places at night. At daylight, they return back home and do everyday activities. On Friday night (31/3), heavy rain fell but no landslide occurred. When the locals returned back home on Saturday morning, night there was heavy rain but no landslide. When Sunday morning back home the landslide occurred. BPBD and local authorities have given direction to the locals to stay away from the landslide area. It is due to condition of the soil which is unstable and subsequent landslide may occur. At 16.00 pm, joint SAR team stopped the search for missing because of rain. Weather conditions and unstable terrain can cause subsequent landslides. The urgent need is heavy vehicles. But the road access to the disaster ground is narrow and difficult. Rapid Response Unit of BNPB and BPBD Jawa Timur are supporting local authority to conduct emergency response. Sutopo Purwo Nugroho Head of Data, Information and Public Relations Centre